Ten Questions To Ask An Accountant

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Blog by Robert J. Wilson, P.A. - certified public accountant

If you’re looking for an accountant in Indian Land, SC, to manage your accounts, plan and prepare and taxes, help you with estate and financial planning, it’s crucial to pick a reliable accountant with high standards. After all, their services will directly impact the financial state and growth of your business. Therefore, it’s essential to choose an accountant that you can trust to maintain your accounts, give you excellent advice, and help you with the preparation of taxes.  

If you’ve never worked with an accountant before, you may not know where to start when it comes to choosing the right one for your business. To make the whole process easier for you, we’ve outlined ten valuable questions to ask a potential accountant.

During your initial consultation, ask these questions to help you understand if the accountant is the right fit for you, and capable of helping your business thrive. 

1. What’s the best way to contact you and how often should we be in touch?
Ask your accountant about their response time and their preferred way of communicating with you. Moreover, you also need to know how often they will get in touch with you to discuss your finances. 

2. How can you help me prepare for (and survive) tax season?
What are the tax services they offer? Do they offer some value-added benefits? Will they strategically plan your tax returns throughout the year and help you get through the tax season? Ask them questions regarding their tax preparation before hiring them. 

3. What are some considerations I should consult with you about on an ongoing basis?
Services such as payroll, business accounting, tax planning, and tax preparation will require you to consult with your accountant on a regular basis as opposed to services like business planning and estate planning. Discuss with them about the considerations you can consult with them often. 

 4. How can you help me grow my business?
You need to know what advantageous services they can provide to your business. Check if they’re ready to devise a comprehensive, customized plan to help you manage risks, improve performance, and ensure the longevity of your business.

5. How can you help me clamp down on my cash flow?
Look for an accountant that promises to strategically help you suppress your cash flow while ensuring that your business fulfills its needs. Understand their plan thoroughly as you don’t want someone who will simply balance your books for you and not offer any other financial services.

6. What is my break-even point?
Ask them what they consider your break-even point to be and how they plan on helping you to achieve it. Moreover, also ask them about their scheme for increasing your profits. 

7. Can you assess the overall value of my business?
As a business owner, you need to be well-aware of the overall value of your business at any given time. Your accountant should be able to appraise your business by taking into consideration your assets and liabilities, as well as other factors. 

8. Can you help me review and negotiate business contracts before I sign them?
Business contracts need to reviewed thoroughly before signing so that your interests are protected, and you are saved from infringements or breaches. Also, it’s essential to find a  professional who can negotiate these contracts to ensure an increase in your profits. 

9. What are some special considerations for my particular industry?
Every industry has its own unique needs. It’s necessary to find an accountant that offers services tailored to the needs of your industry instead of a one-size-fits-all plan.  

10. What are some common mistakes that I should avoid when working with you?
Lastly, it’s necessary to understand the ways in which your accountant works. Discuss with them your expectations of them and their expectations of you before sealing the deal. 

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